Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boy Who Had A Misunderstanding

I have never been a fan of Urdu poetry but I have never disliked it either until recently. In fact I'm not a fan of any kind of poetry. Call me a stupid fool for not being appreciative for the finer arts, but poets are a breed of their own. Rarely does a person who is not a poet, understands a poem. I am perfectly ordinary, dull, boring and mundane, hence I have no appreciation of poetry.

A guy I met recently happened to be in love with Urdu poetry and did quite alot of it in his spare time. When I first saw his profile, I was apprehensive of getting in touch with him. I've been warned of their kind before, but I guess sometimes you just have to burn yourself to realize it's not cool to play with fire. So I took the plunge and contacted him. I asked him if he was willing to talk on a messenger, but he replied with his cell number instead. I wondered if I should message him or not, but uptill now everything had gone smoothly. No harm done, right?!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Boy Who Asked For A Blow Job

The title says it all, he asked for a blow job. And that too on the very first date. Any guesses what I gave in return?

A big F*ck You right in his face. I literally stormed out of the mall by the time the whole fiasco came to an end. I had absolutely no idea where this date would lead. But if I was certain about one thing, it was that I am not getting down on my knees for him. No way, no how!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Boy Who Thought I Was A Sugar Daddy

This fella totally struck a thorn in my hide. I met him a few days back, and by chance he was the first guy I met. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I got a message from him asking if I am interested in meeting him up. I had a hard time understanding his message because it was written in possibly the worst ever English I have read in my entire life. But he was very good looking.

When I realized that he can't speak English to save his life, I switched to Urdu. I asked for his email address so that I may take the conversation to a messenger. He told me that he doesn't use messengers much and prefers talking on phone and then meeting. I wasn't entirely comfortable with that plan so I turned him down politely.