Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boy Who Had A Misunderstanding

I have never been a fan of Urdu poetry but I have never disliked it either until recently. In fact I'm not a fan of any kind of poetry. Call me a stupid fool for not being appreciative for the finer arts, but poets are a breed of their own. Rarely does a person who is not a poet, understands a poem. I am perfectly ordinary, dull, boring and mundane, hence I have no appreciation of poetry.

A guy I met recently happened to be in love with Urdu poetry and did quite alot of it in his spare time. When I first saw his profile, I was apprehensive of getting in touch with him. I've been warned of their kind before, but I guess sometimes you just have to burn yourself to realize it's not cool to play with fire. So I took the plunge and contacted him. I asked him if he was willing to talk on a messenger, but he replied with his cell number instead. I wondered if I should message him or not, but uptill now everything had gone smoothly. No harm done, right?!

I messaged him right then, asking that while we have exchanged numbers. I'm not comfortable meeting up just yet. He was in no hurry either. Awesome!

We used to exchange a few messages every-day and it was going pretty smoothly. While online one day, I messaged him with my pics. His response came a few hours later with his pics in attachment. He was better than what I was imagining from his body pics. Cool, I thought. It seemed he was rather fond of wearing half-sleeves as his arms were very much darker than his face.

"So are you fine with meeting up now?" he asked.

"When and where?", I replied. I just realized I actually do make an effort to appear more cool than I actually am. I need to stop that. I hate pretending to be anything for anyone, especially if that anyone is just someone.

We met the next day as he was busy in a wedding. I was in mood for chicken, so I asked him if he was fine with KFC. He had no problems.

Funny thing happened on the date, we both rolled in at the same time and parked exactly next to each other. He gave me a naughty wink from his car, I returned the favor. He was a gentle-man, he opened the door for me. I felt like it was kind of formal. The nice thing about him was that he asked me what I would like and then ordered for me. However I didn't let him pay for me. First dates are strictly dutch. Strictly Dutch!

While we sat waiting for the food to come, we talked. As the topic shifted to hobbies, he mentioned his extreme fascination of Urdu poetry. I considered confessing right there and then that I am the exact opposite of him. But before I could say anything, he asked me about the same. I told him I did some poetry back in Grade 6th, 7th and 8th, but that's all the history I have had with Urdu poetry. From here he dived head-first into an interrogation with my experience with the Urdu Language. I told him very honestly that I don't converse much in Urdu. I prefer speaking in English. I have been a fairly good student in Urdu, doing just what I was told and nothing extra to improve what I already had. I didn't have much passion for it and that was it!

"But your profile says you enjoy reading and writing?", he asked.

"Yeah! I do. In English!", I corrected him.

There was an enlightened look on his face. "So you're a burger bacha?", he asked. Burger is a slang commonly used in Pakistan to describe an individual who while is a Desi has been heavily rooted in the walks and talks of the western world. Bacha is for the word 'Child' in Urdu. He was about 3 years older than me. Go figure!

From there on I directed the conversation, which unearthed some very interesting facts. While I can display not as much as I want to. The high-light of the discussion was when he started reciting his poetry for me. While I do think of myself as somewhat of a love fool, you will never catch me writing verses for my significant other. Truth be told, I couldn't make head or tails out of what he was saying. So while he recited, I chewed my burger 23 times slowly, enjoying each and every component thoroughly.

I didn't quite see us having another meeting, but at the end he did ask if we could meet up sometime after he was done with the wedding. I thought of smiling and lying, "Why not?!" and simply leave it at that but I would not like to be treated the same way in a play of Karma so I was very blunt with him.

"If you promise not to recite any poetry, I would definitely love to meet you!", I told him. "So if you can leave you're poetry at home, message me whenever you're free and I'll try my best to come!" I saw his face fall, and I thought if I actually did the wrong thing by being truthful. Maybe I should have lied and taken the road frequently traveled. We shook hands and sat in our respective cars.

Maybe we will have another date, maybe this was the first and the last. I can't say but I feel that it is the last time our paths will be crossing. He is a nice guy and does deserve someone nice who appreciates his talents, but I am not that person and I can't be that person in a million years. Perhaps I did do the right thing!

Only time will tell!



you did the right thing! You don't wanna be stuck with someone faking it till you make it throughout the relationship!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Yeah...i would indeed have to be doing ALOT of faking with him!

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

I'll start off with this:

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~Kahlil Gibran

I am a lover of poetry, any kind as its the windows to the soul so to speak, and, if you meet a man who is a lover of it, romance is usually in the cards, and, romance, ah, that's even better than sex, well for me at least!!

Haider Ali said...

hahaha nice one phunk! i wish i could have seen his face at that moment! :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sebastian G. Oliver;

You are, no doubt, right on that part. But poetry makes me feel really dumb having to ask the other person constantly 'so explain this part to me'...and after sometime it starts to bug the other person as well!

I've had a friend sometime back who did poetry and he got furious when I used to ask him to explain me his poetry...if it doesn't come naturally to me, I would ask!

I didn't see a point in leading i was truthful!

@ Haider Ali

I wish I could forget it! He looked a-car-just-ran-over-my-puppy sad!! I srsly wish I could forget it!

Raj said...

You don't like poetry? :O
How are we friends? :P But yeah , I love writing poems too (English) but I do appreciate poetry in all its forms.But that does not mean I'd like to discuss poetry on my first date.I mean when into a deep conversation with my bf or a best friend , yes! but not as a topic of public discussion coz firstly very few get it and secondly I don't share my poems with everyone(I havent written one in a long time :( )
And what's the paki was of saying "burger".You havto temme next time we

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raj

Cuz ur madly in love with me! :p

And what did u not get about the burger? :o

M@rvin said...

I don't normally like poetry either, so I understand. That being said, do read 'Ozymandias' - nice, short and powerful. Also relevant for Hosni Mubarak. :)

You did the right thing, best not to lead people on.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Ozymandias? Hmmm...I'll chck it out!!

Yeah..I know! :)

Now I'm pretty confident in my doing!

*Clink* said...

It's very interesting to know that you believe in Karma, Phunk.. I myself am a stern believer of the philosophy that our deeds are like a boomerang; what we give others returns to us!

And, what you did was right. My take on this is if you would've falsely lied about it and let it grow bigger then at a point of time it would've swollen, and burst! It is always up to us to decide whether we want to apply anti bacterial cream or whether we wanna let it grow, fill up with pus, let it burst and then clean it up. :-p

Phunk Factor said...

@ *Clink*

Hahaha...true. But I think some messes once created can never be cleaned! :(