Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Boy Who Thought I Was A Sugar Daddy

This fella totally struck a thorn in my hide. I met him a few days back, and by chance he was the first guy I met. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I got a message from him asking if I am interested in meeting him up. I had a hard time understanding his message because it was written in possibly the worst ever English I have read in my entire life. But he was very good looking.

When I realized that he can't speak English to save his life, I switched to Urdu. I asked for his email address so that I may take the conversation to a messenger. He told me that he doesn't use messengers much and prefers talking on phone and then meeting. I wasn't entirely comfortable with that plan so I turned him down politely.

Five minutes later he sent me a friend invitation so that we can send each other messages without any disturbances. Bored out of my mind and slightly attracted to him, I accepted his invite. We exchanged some more messages. I was asking most of the questions and he was replying them the best he can. He lived about 20 minutes away from my place by car. Thinking it might turn out to be decent enough, I asked if he would like to meet sometime.

Being the enthusiastic chap that he was, he accepted it on the get-go and wanted to meet the very same day. I wondered if he was desperate and even more that if I meet him today would I seem desperate?. But I was bored and my family was out shopping with my relatives. I accepted his offer. I told him that I'm not in the mood to eat anything so we could just walk around. He had no objections.

I cleaned up a little and headed out. The place where we were supposed to meet was very near my place. I would have preferred meeting some place near his home. But he insisted that he knew everybody in his neighborhood and he can't take such a risk by seeing with a new guy. I was kind of surprised but reluctantly agreed. I gave him a miscall and I saw somebody pick up the phone at the same time. That's him!

In person, I felt that he looked better. It's true! Some people look much better in person than in videos and pictures. The phrase "Tall, Dark and Handsome" can totally fit him like a sexy black leather glove. We shook hands and I led him away from my neighborhood. I may be young but I'm not stupid!

He was 25 year old, so that's two years more than me. He worked in some company's accounts department and did some modeling on the side, which I didn't entirely believe. Was he trying to impress me?, I wondered.

"What class do you study in?", he asked.

I felt like throwing him off the bridge we were walking on. "I'm in university, man! We do not have classes. Classes are in school!", I explained. "Besides a 23 year old guy still in school would be a complete dumb-ass. Do I look like a dumb-ass to you?"

"You don't look 23!"

"Thanks!" I replied. "But I assure you I am 23!"

We talked abit more about modeling. He expressed some serious opinions against couch-casting, so I just listened along. I did share the same views, but something about the whole thing just didn't seem honest to me. A little while later the topic shifted to guys. "So what are you looking for?", he asked me.

"Friends!", I replied instantly. "And perhaps given the right guy, I may consider going further!" I didn't mention the R word, for some reason it tends to freak most people out on the first date. "But I'm totally new to it all so I'm sort of just making contacts now!" I told him. "What about you?" I asked.

"I want a boyfriend!" he replied.

Wow!, that was unexpected.

"I want a boyfriend. You know someone rich, well settled, good looking, confident!" he said describing his idle man.

Poor guy, there is really no way any guy can land that guy. And absolutely no way such a guy exists in Pakistan!, I thought. But it's best to keep these thoughts to myself on the first date. I really didn't want to burst his bubble. However one thing didn't settle easy with me. "Why do you want a rich boyfriend?", I asked him.

"That's something very personal! I can't tell you!" he replied.

"No problem!" I replied. "Any luck finding such a guy?" I asked.

"No, man! All I've managed so far are a bunch of losers!", he replied.

"Well, there are lots of guys. They say if you look hard enough, you can find God. So how hard can a rich, well-settled, good-looking and confident guy can be?" I joked hoping to change the the topic to something else. Truth be told, I was bored out of my mind by now and wanted to go home.

When the sky started to darken, I decided to take my leave. I couldn't swallow any of his junk anymore. "Any chance we can meet sometime soon?", he asked.

"Maybe next week! Message me, you have my number and I'll see if I can make it!" I told him. I turned away and began walking back. It was a long way home and it gave me a plenty of time to think about how my first dating experience went. I'd give the guy 7 out of 10 based on how he looked. But if I had to add personality and his thinking to the score, I'm afraid he would drop from 7 to 4. But maybe I'm writing him off too soon. He was very good-looking so just to see him again, I'd take another shot at him. But not anytime soon! Not at least for another week!


H said...

Pakistan has all the hot guys.
You guys are like genetically gifted.

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

That was a good read, and, let me tell you, its happened to me mroe than once, and, its funny in a way, people assume that if you are American, you are, umm, 'rich.' I have a nice life, but, its from hard work, not a trust fund!

I 'met' this guy online from Romania, and, like the one you met, tall, dark and very handsome, I played along with the chat for a couple of days and then lost interest, and forgot about him, a couple of weeks later, I get this message if I could send him $500 bucks umm, yeah right!

Some of these dudes are more as they say here money hungry than women! Would I have a boy toy around if I were rich? Of course, but, since I have to work for the house and all that comes with it, not right now ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

Not true...we have our fair share of duds...and some Indians are very good looking....take a look at M@rvin fr example! ;)

P.S. Yes, M@rvin! I'm hitting on you!

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

Oh there's more....i'll be posting about him later...this isn't the worst that he said to me!

But one thing I am thankful fr is that he opened my eyes and I have realized it's not wise to pick up every thing shiny!


I'm super tipsy right now and just had to add your new blog! I'll be back when I'm sober to comment on the post! Loving it so far bro!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Hahahaha...sure, no problem! :)

Raj said...

Will you be my sugar daddy? :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raj

To be ur sugar daddy, I need to be significantly older than you....besides I don't need to give you money to get sexual favors from u!

Ur mine, remember? :p

M@rvin said...

Aww, thanks, Phunky. You know what though, a lot of guys tell me I look better in person than in photos too. ;)

What's wrong with a guy that can't speak English? Urdu is so poetic and romantic anyway. And hey, I want a rich BF too! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

That's cuz u got that mean/psycho killer look gng on all the time! :p

Loose that...pronto!!

Nothing's's an advantage..but even while texting I couldn't understand his messages!

Rich's not a must-have...i do see the sense in hving a well-settled says ALOT about doesn't have to be filthy rich!