Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Boy Who Smelled So Good

All the posts I've done so far have been on my flukes, so I figured why not tell you about the one date that actually went really well and the guy was truly awesome.

First of all, as you may have guessed from the title, he smelled absolutely phenomenal. It wasn't some scent that I had smelled before but I kid you not, I could stand next to him all the day and just keep smelling him. As usual, I had chatted with him alot before meeting him up and I genuinely wanted to meet him. He seemed very cool albeit abit geeky from how he talked. But let me tell you one thing, geeks are the most under-appreciated genre of men. They possess many hidden talents, and I'm not talking about hacking emails and shit. I'm talking about THE talent!

He was the first guy I met up with who was actually younger than me. All of my previous dates have been older than me. I'm normally hesitant on meeting guys younger than me as it makes me feel like a cougar. When he first contacted me, I checked out his profile and it was very raunchy. I originally planned on turning him down because we weren't looking for the same thing. But he responded in an extremely witty fashion about how a man can't live by bread (Read; Sex) alone. He looked good from his body pics. "Why not?", I thought to myself and exchanged e-mail address.

I was abit hasty with him as I exchanged numbers on the first chat. However I promised to at least wait for a week before meeting him. And I kept to that promise. I'm so proud of myself!

We met at a local cafe, I have been wanting to go to it since a few days but didn't want to go alone. When he suggested that place, I couldn't believe my luck. Hot guy plus great place equals to awesome date!

I was the first one to arrive, and absent mindedly I sat with my back facing the door. It must have been about five minutes when somebody passed by me, my nostrils suddenly felt like they had entered some expensive Calvin Klein heaven. I looked up to see and noticed some guy climbing up the stairs, but I could still smell him in the air. I waited for about another 20 minutes, feeling like I've been stood up. I texted him that I am already at the cafe, how much longer would he take.

"I'm already here! Was that you downstairs?" I got a text from him.

I got up immediately and went upstairs, he was coming downstairs. We laughed ourselves crazy over this minor mishap. He had a small frenchie which was not in the pics that he had shown me. The second thing I noticed about him was his chest fuzz. Extremely hot!

Coupled with that amazing scent, I wanted to take him into a corner and rape him. However being a gentle-man, I didn't do any such thing. We sat and ordered. The waiter gave us a suspicious glance, he gave him a middle finger. "I bring my guys here all the time. I think he knows!", he says to me in the middle of the date.

I choke immediately. "I'm just kidding! Don't freak out!", he apologized.

We talked for about an hour, he was very interested in knowing about my past boyfriends, however that's something I prefer not to discuss on the first date. We're still strangers at this point, I believe. He led most of the conversations, "You want to see my scar from my accident two years ago?", he asked.

Not sure how to respond, I said sure. "Come back with me!" he winked.

"Some other time, Michael Schumacher!" I zinged back. After exiting the cafe, we walked around for a while. He wasn't in the mood to go home alone. I didn't exactly know if that a genuine comment or an indication to go back to his place. In any case, I declined.

"It's getting late! I need to head back now!", I told him. He understood. We shaked hands, "Do you want a hug?", I asked. Crap!, I said to myself. I don't hug on first dates and I never ask. This smell is driving my system nuts.

"Finally some action!" he joked. We did a small hug and I drove away. I don't think he will want to meet me again as his post-date text involved just five words. And none of those 3 were 'See you soon!'. I think I blew it but no harm done, we couldn't have gone anywhere. 


Cogent Ascending said...

I don't get it.
If the sex is good it's because of chemistry.
If there's chemistry romance should follow.
Romance breeds relationships.
By this logic you should have skipped all the niceties and fucked his brains out in the bathroom.

Anjaan said...

Hey Phunk! I read your post for the very first time and I just loved it...
Dude! I have become your fan.... very nice... Keep it uppppppp

Phunk Factor said...

@ Cogent Ascending

He wasn't looking fr a relation....just friends and friends with benefits!!

P.S. Bathroom fucks are so raunchy...he would have loved it!

@ Anjaan

Awww...thanks, man! :)

THUNDERCAT832 said...

Aww, YOU DIDN'T BLOW IT...it just sounds like he want's to be chased...BUT WE DON'T CHASE THEM, WE REPLACE THEM!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

OMG!! That's the craziest but awesomest advice I've read from u! :D

M@rvin said...

He sounds awesome. Why couldn't you have gone back to his place to do the nasty? No need to do it in public...

I seriously LOL'd at this line: "Coupled with that amazing scent, I wanted to take him into a corner and rape him. However being a gentle-man, I didn't do any such thing. We sat and ordered." Giggle!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Don't u know me by now? :p

I'm Sati Savitree!

I prefer a ring over a fling! :p

I forgot to mention that I pulled a chair out for him!










Jst kidd'in!

david said...

dude... wtf is wrong with you?
this guy wasnt looking for a commitment... he sounds like the kind of guy you fuck.. and fuck again... and again.... he is funny.. smells wonderful.. looking so good... and he was INTO YOU!
you really hate yourself dont you?
~ duh!

Phunk Factor said...

@ David

What? Why would I hate myself?

Yeah...he was a nice guy...but that won't make me change my priorities!

Whimsical Hatter said...

I love my meat(read 'men') drizzled and dressed in thyme(read 'smelling heavenly') and un-skinned(read 'chest-fuzz'!
and same here, Phunk, I don't date men younger than me!

Aaron Khan said...

gud smell cn b SUCH a hug turn on. n u shud'v had gone 2 his place. not necessary dat sumthin mite hav happend. mayb he just wantd 2 introduce u 2 his monkey :P

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

You have far more will power than I would have had! Not a big sex or anything on the first couple of dates, however, a nice smelling, nerdy geeky guy would be enough to make me forget my standards and self imposed rules :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical;

I like my men like I like my food.....HOT! ;)

@ Aaron Khan;

Dekho...maybe next time!! Going to someone's place on the first date seems so slutty to me! :p

Especially if I don't know him all that well!

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

@ Sebastian G. Oliver:

That's a rule, my friend! No taking off clothes at the first date! ;)

I've yet to find a guy who could break it! :(

thegayte-keeper said...

I think you did EXACTLY what you suppose to do...if he is meant to be, he will be.

Phunk Factor said...

@ The gatye-keeper

Thanks alot fr the affirmation! :)

savante said...

Sure you don't want to give this nice fellow another chance?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Savante

I'm all for giving him another chance...however he hasn't contacted me since the date so I'm guessing that he isn't interested!

Why would I turn down a perfectly hot guy?! :p

H said...

OMG He sounds delicious!
How did you hold back :O
Sexy and smart, it doesn't get much better does it?
A guy who smells good wins half the battle doesn't he?

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

I don't know! I honestly don't know! I was never interested in him for the boyfriend angle....i really am not even looking for a boyfriend!

A fuck buddy is not my thing...and one-night-stands are definitely out of question! I guess that thought kept me from getting into his pants....also I think he knew that I wasn't into that stuff so he didn't bring everything to the table! :p

SpiritMountainGuy said...

So, what was really holding you back from going to his place? Were you afraid it might actually have worked out for the best for both of you?

Phunk Factor said...

@ SpiritMountainGuy

Best for him - maybe. But not for me!

Plus it just was not me to go to people's place on the first visit!

If we had met recently and he had asked me, I may have gone but even then I assure u that nothing would have happened!