Thursday, March 24, 2011

Le Garçon Aui A Voulu Apprendre Le Français

Otherwise known as 'The Boy Who Wanted To Learn French', which was the original title but then I changed it to French to add a touch of class which I usually lack. Meeting him was something I primarily never imagined because of two reasons. Firstly, we got in touch through my Phunk Factor profile on Facebook - a medium I prefer not using to meet guys. Secondly, a few days after we started messaging each other we got into a minor disagreement. After that I started getting the cold shoulder treatment so I really didn't bother. Our meet was entirely spontaneous and quite unusual but nevertheless I had a great time.

Earlier this week I was in college and my entire group that I usually hang out with didn't show up. Completely bored out of my mind, I started searching through my phone for contacts I could bother. I still quite don't know why but when his name popped up, I decided to give him a second chance. I'm a firm believer in them, so why not?!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boy Who Treated Me To A Triple Scoop

This was more of a friendly meet than a date as he made it clear from the beginning that I am not what he was looking in a boyfriend but would love to have me as a friend because I'm great company. I didn't mind! I didn't tell him either that he's not my type.

I had already seen him as his images were up on display and he was decent looking. We met up last Friday right after Juma prayers at a local mall because he had to buy some cuff links for a wedding he would be attending. He came dressed up in a formal pants and shirt which sort of blew me away because nobody that I ever dated except for Bruce has ever showed up in formal clothes. I commented on his clothing, "These are all I own, Phunk! I hate jeans and t-shirts!", he replies. "But I don't mind that your wearing them. You look cute!"

How could I hate him after that compliment?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Boy Who Kept Me Waiting

I swear some people can't ever get their act together and I swear I will never ever date another one. About two weeks ago I started talking to this guy who I thought had an interesting profile. He didn't reply to my message for a whole two days although he had read it. I thought it was a lost cause but then I got a very apologetic message that he was extremely busy and didn't have any time at all to reply to my message. Giving him another chance, I messaged him back as soon as I read it mentioning that I'm looking for nice guys to hang out with. Just like the last time he messaged me long after he had read it. I thought it would be best to take him off the list. Even after he messaged me, I didn't care back to reply.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Boy Who Loved Lady GaGa

So everybody knows I'm a huge fan of the Lady. I love her and just about everything she does. Pair me up with a guy who loves her alot as well and you would think we would be perfect together, right?

Not really!