Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boy Who Treated Me To A Triple Scoop

This was more of a friendly meet than a date as he made it clear from the beginning that I am not what he was looking in a boyfriend but would love to have me as a friend because I'm great company. I didn't mind! I didn't tell him either that he's not my type.

I had already seen him as his images were up on display and he was decent looking. We met up last Friday right after Juma prayers at a local mall because he had to buy some cuff links for a wedding he would be attending. He came dressed up in a formal pants and shirt which sort of blew me away because nobody that I ever dated except for Bruce has ever showed up in formal clothes. I commented on his clothing, "These are all I own, Phunk! I hate jeans and t-shirts!", he replies. "But I don't mind that your wearing them. You look cute!"

How could I hate him after that compliment?!

We walking around from shop to shop searching for cuff links that could go with his lilac colored shirt. I told him about my policy with cuff links. Black is the only color cuff links which look good and since he will be wearing them few and far in between so why not take one color that can go with just about any shirt of his. He didn't want to settle for black but was hoping to get some along the shades of purple to match with his contact lens. I smacked my head really hard when he told me that little bit. "Dude, don't mind me saying this but in all purple you would look like a giant Morning Glory walking around in the wedding!"

He couldn't make up his mind so he suggested that we get some food and return to shopping afterwards. I didn't mind. I did want to sit down somewhere and grab a bite. We treated ourselves to McDonalds and I paid for his dinner. We're friends, not dating! I could totally spring for his tab. Also I didn't want him to cut back on his cuff link money in case he decides to buy a really expensive pair. I know a burger will not cost much, but still!

We talked about our past relations. He got off his relationship boat on 2nd January when his ex told him some really stupid excuse that shocked me to the core. I really can't discuss it here as it's very personal, but let's just say his ex is one of the stupidest guy on Planet Earth!

I did not want to talk about my relation but he threatened that if I don't he's going to attract attention by creating a scene so I better talk. I started telling him details and then it seemed like somebody unlocked this part of my mind which I never wanted to open. "How come nice guys like us always wind up dating the wrong kind of guys?", he asked me.

"Karma is a bitch!", I told him with a smile.

"You know what?" he asked me.

"We need chocolate! Thick, creamy, yummy chocolate to get lost in!"

"I'll get some milkshakes but I prefer the bubblegum strawberry flavor more!", I told him.

"Not that stupid McDonald crap! Let's get the cufflinks and then I'll get you icecream!"

I tried to stop him but he said that since I had paid for his meal, he is getting to pay for the dessert. We stepped into one of the shops and he got some black cuff links. "I like these plus like you said that they will go along with pretty much anything!"

After paying for the cuff links, we went up and he stopped in front of Gelatto which is this really cool ice cream shop. I generally don't take treats from there because they can burn quite a hole in the pocket. "What flavor of  chocolate do you like?", he asked me.

"Get me any!" I told him.

"Sure?", he asked again.


"Make two triple scoops. One chocolate cookie! One twix! One dark chocolate!" he ordered. At that point my mouth literally hit the floor.

"Dude, that's way too much!"

"Shut up! We both can easily eat the entire shop if we ever felt like we needed to!" he told me and paid for both. "I forgot to mention something else!"


"My Ex already found this other dude..." he started telling me.

I couldn't stop myself and I started singing Cee Lo's 'Forget You' - the Glee version, and then we both were singing in harmony. I had the time of my life and I really would not mind going on a second date with him even just as friends. He was terrific plus I got triple scoop of Gelatto Ice cream - even I never treat myself to that! :D


Hadi Hussain said...

:) Kool talking of Ice cream, well last weekend i went out with friends to have a rare ice cream treat. It's one among the best in town and i experimented with the two flavours i had never tasted before, Banana & Orange hahahaha. Btw just curious to know, after reading several other posts of yours, i have come to know that most of the time you are meeting someone in the mall??? I mean do all Kharachities meet in malls and why malls???? Coz here in Lahore we usually meet at cafes or parks? Never heard of meeting someone in malls, lols.

Aaron Khan said...

ur ice cream sound DELICIOUS!!! N d 1st date? seems out of a movie. 2 ppl meet just as frnds.....things stir up.....turn out 2 b soulmates. Haye. :P

Samuel Khan said...

nice post bro ! N u still didn't meet that Ted guy'z friend now ? Did u ?
Burger followed by triple scoop icecream ! Makes me wonna go cardio already ! Hahaha ! N yep ya post has urged me to go for an icecream treat for maself !

Phunk Factor said...

@ Hadi;

The places I generally suggest ppl have absolutely no idea about or do not want to try....and as far as I've noticed alot of ppl meet in malls...i myself don't know the exact reason...but it's so! I guess it's the food court tht attracts, ppl...dunno!

@ Aaron;

Nothing is gng to stir up between us...he made it clear tht he has a habit of boxing ppl as friends or potential bfs...and i've already fallen into the friends box...i can't be nething else now fr life...not planning to argue!

@ Sam Khan;

Chck out my 'A is for Avoidance' post on GPY!!! He turned me down even without a meet...this was a completely different guy than him! :)

M@rvin said...

McDonald's is bad for you - go to a kebab place instead next time. :) Do you get biryani in Karachi or is that an Indian thing? OK, I'm just hungry. :)

He sounds nice - like this Physics grad student I hang out with sometimes. When you said you met after prayers, I misread 'mall' as 'mosque' for a second. :) Kudos for singing in public!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Hahaha...yes, we have all that in our food courts...i dunno y v opted for McDonalds...i guess i wanted to try their new burger...n he tagged along!

Yeah..he's nice! :)

Andrea Almanza said...

Awe sounds like a lovely day. Maybe because malls are public, and dont have to be as concern with being intimate. You can also run away quicker.

Whimsical Hatter said...

well, well, isn't that a fun date?! Yes,It was. I love that you guys got to run an errand and also, have a date-of-sorts,sweet!

Phunk Factor said...

‎@ Andrea;

I guess...and yeah definitely...running away in a mall is much easier...u can easily get lost in a crowd!

@ Whimsical;