Monday, May 23, 2011

The Boy Who Took Me To His Room

Sometime ago I went on a date with this guy who wasn't a native to Karachi. He was from Sialkot but was in Karachi for studies. This meeting happened completely by surprise and very suddenly. He had a headline on his profile that said he wants to go see the animated movie Rio. I messaged him that I have been wanting to see the movie as well. I didn't expect a reply because he clearly seemed like someone who was very much into how a guy looks and wouldn't give two cents about me once he saw me.

But surprisingly, he messaged me back positively. We exchanged a couple of messages after which he asked for a picture, I had no option but to show myself. If I actually wanted this date to happen, I would need to clear his 'Looks' test. "You look good.", he told me on chat.

"Good enough to watch Rio with?", I asked.

"Do you have time tomorrow?", he replied.

"You want to watch it tomorrow?", I ask very surprised.

"Sooner the better!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Boy Who Was In an Open Relationship

We all have been on that one date after which we are left wondering if the world is still round. I went on one around the beginning of April. Although I have taken myself off the Online Dating site a few weeks ago because of exams, but I left with a few contacts up my sleeve. I had been talking to one since a few days so I thought it would be cool if we meet up. I had just given a test and I needed to unwind. This guy had been asked me out once but I turned him down because I had started getting interested in Josh and I wanted to give it a real shot so no meeting or talking to other guys. But Ryan convinced me that as long as I'm not committed I can meet other guys and I should. So I took him up for a pizza date!