Monday, May 23, 2011

The Boy Who Took Me To His Room

Sometime ago I went on a date with this guy who wasn't a native to Karachi. He was from Sialkot but was in Karachi for studies. This meeting happened completely by surprise and very suddenly. He had a headline on his profile that said he wants to go see the animated movie Rio. I messaged him that I have been wanting to see the movie as well. I didn't expect a reply because he clearly seemed like someone who was very much into how a guy looks and wouldn't give two cents about me once he saw me.

But surprisingly, he messaged me back positively. We exchanged a couple of messages after which he asked for a picture, I had no option but to show myself. If I actually wanted this date to happen, I would need to clear his 'Looks' test. "You look good.", he told me on chat.

"Good enough to watch Rio with?", I asked.

"Do you have time tomorrow?", he replied.

"You want to watch it tomorrow?", I ask very surprised.

"Sooner the better!"

"I don't have time tomorrow but I can manage sometime later in the week!", I tell him. He's fine with that and we set up our date. We chat for a couple more minutes after which I tell him I have to go. He sent me his number and I text messaged him with mine. Then starts a conversation via text messaging. I got off the messengers because I needed to study, he had started to bother me now.

"Dude, I'm going to study. We can talk later, ok?" I tell him. I get no reply from him, so I guessed that this was the end of us and our date. Next morning I wake up, there is a text from him. I text him back and we start a whole new conversation again. This guy can really text alot! What's his problem?!

But one good thing that came out of texting was that I grew easy with him. I was completely totally easy. Later the same day, he popped the question of meeting again for tomorrow's show. I told him that I have a late class but I can definitely make it on Saturday if he's willing. "It's a date!", he replies back.

Unfortunately our conversation didn't end there. We text messaged the entire day. At one point I was conversing with both him and Josh. Later that night, when I said goodbye to both I felt that I had done something so completely wrong. I was considering canceling our date but then I had already made plans and he wanted to see Rio, so I decided to go ahead with it.

We met on Saturday at the cinema, "I'm sorry you had to wait so long to see the movie", I tell him right off the bat.

"I already saw it on Thursday!", he tells me emotionless.

"What? Really? Do you want to see something else?", I ask him.

"No, I would like to see it again!", he tells me.

"Okay, but no telling me what happens." I warn him.

I was somewhat feeling that he would tell me about the plot of the movie but he didn't, and I was totally expecting him to talk during the movie which he also didn't. Boy, was he full of surprises. We did talk a little, but not much. It sort of bothered me that I think of it now, how come he wasn't talking now?! Rio is a very good movie, but I don't think it's that good. Make a conversation, man!

He lived on a fixed budget so he didn't buy anything to eat at the cinema, nor did he accept me paying for the meal. "We'll eat somewhere else. I do not like people paying for my food!", he told me very sternly. It kind of threw me off his entire vibe. It's cool that he doesn't take advantage of people, but is it that bad to accept something so generously offered?!

After the movie, we stopped over at this food stand on the street and had food from it. It was very different from the usual fare I have on dates but just as good as the rest. It felt very quirky and casual. I have food from stands once in a blue moon, but never had it on a date. Like I said, very quirky!

"Would you like to see my hostel room?", he asks wiping his hands with a tissue I had given him.

"How far is it from here?", I asked him.

"About twenty minutes!", he tells me. Not entirely sure, but I decide to escort him to his place would be a gentleman thing to do, but nothing else I told myself very strictly. It was quite hot that day and the moment, I entered the building I felt relived.

"It's so nice and cool here!", I told him.

"It's very pleasant in the summer but in winters it get unbearably cold!", he tells me as he unlocked his room. "Come inside for a moment!", he said with a smile.

I wanted to turn away at this very point but saying 'No' to a good looking has never been one of my stronger points. I walk inside but I promise myself that the clothes would stay. Nothing would happen. I am trying to be in a serious monogamous relation and I have found someone I really like. I should not do any thing with this guy at all. I smiled at him as I walked around the room. "Wow! Do you study all these books?", I ask him.

"My family is deeply rooted in the business of woodworks, I want to break away from it. If I study hard and prove to my grandfather that I can make an actual living out of another profession, he would allow me to be what I want. I have no option but to study really hard!", he told me. There was a note of frustration in his voice. His stuff was very simple. Mostly chemistry - something I am very good at.

"My sister sent me some goodies a few days ago. Would you like some?" he asked extending a box of chocolate chip cookies and some mithai. The cookies I have already tasted enough variety of so I decided to go with the other option. It was good but abit too sweet for my taste.

One thing I noticed that were was no place to sit in the room besides the bed, so I decided it would be best to walk back and forth rather than join him in the bed. For one, I was scared that there might be some sort of camera in the room and he would record it. And more importantly, Josh!, so doing anything intimate with him was absolutely not an option on a table.

I really can't explain this to most dates without raising eyebrows or getting laughed at, so I kept it to myself. I told him that I sat for a very long time in the cinema and I would have to sit in the bus as well, so I' m giving my legs some exercise. He asked me a few more times to take a seat but I didn't. "How come there is no seat in this place?!", I asked him.

To that he got up and lifted this huge pile of clothes that had literally covered an entire chair. "Wow. So when do you laundry?", I asked him.

"Sunday to sunday", he tells me. I sat in the revolving chair and started spinning myself around. We were talking about job opportunities and out of no where, he starts getting out of his clothes. I had no option but to look away at that moment. Just shirtless he looked like something out of my dirtiest fantasies and while every nerve in my body wanted to jump on his bones right there and then, I didn't. I know I suck at being a slut!

He rummaged through his pile for clothes in his vest and briefs. A part of me wanted to yell at him and ask what's taking so long to find a jeans and a T shirt, while another one wanted to get out of my clothes. I shuffled with his desktop. "It's getting late and I need to get home now." I told him.

He still had no shirt on and he hugged me, which was kind of awesome but I felt very wrong about it a few seconds later. That is when I decided that I will not meet any guy besides Josh, till I have gotten a negative from him. We text a few times, he asked me to go shopping with him a few weeks ago but as per my promise, I turned him down. Since then the text messaging has decreased but still on going. I know for sure there is absolutely zero relationship potential with him and that's the entire tale!

On to the next two guys, I met recently. I'll be posting about them soon hopefully! 


M@rvin said...

Ah, just another horny Punjabi. :P You do suck at being a slut - I would have grabbed his ass right after he took his trousers off. These anecdotes are so much fun!

simple girl..... said...

interesting encounter...

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin


No...he was a Pathan! :p

Oh please teach me, Professor M@rvin!!

@ Simple Girl...

Hahaha..yes it was!

Thanks for commenting!

M@rvin said...

Ha ha, just assumed he was a Punjoo when you said Sialkot. Go to Delhi, the horniest Punjabis on the planet live there. :D And how could anyone pass up a Pathan - I mean, just think what a warrior he'd be in bed!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

I can vouch for it thanks to my Indian friends....and a few horny Punjabi friends as well! :p

N how could anybody pass him up?!

Easy! U have a prospective guy in sight!

Aaron Khan said...

I soooo wish i ws in dat room instead of u! things wud have ended pretty differently :P

Andrea Almanza said...

Phunkie you shouldnt postpone your life on a maybe. You are single till you have a boyfriend. Im not saying do something with him, but dont just watch life pass ya by, make sure you live it too. Muah!

Samuel Khan said...

pathanzzz r so irresistibly hawt , no second thoughts on that . . .
♥ ♥ ♥
gimme a shirtleSs pathan all alone in a room , n i'd run away from fear of losin ma nerves for once n for alL . . . :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

Yeah right...ur the biggest Virgin Mary EVERRRRR!!

@ Andrea Almanza

After reading my latest post on GPY!!!, aren't u glad that I waited?

@ Samuel Khan

Oh yes...pathans are very seksi no doubt there....especially educated ones! :D

N ditto fr u what i said to Aaron Khan! :p

Whimsical Hatter said...

you passed on a 'Pathan'! wtf?!Like, Seriously. dear lord,stop being such a prude.( Forgive the offensive tone and profanity, but you do understand na?! ;-P
And the 'paranoia'?! You never came across as that kind. But I do understand. I too believe there might be hidden cameras in my date's room. So, I SO understand your paranoia:-).Now, I trust you would know my hesitation that reeks in my msgs.
But maybe, all this patience of yours might pay off with Josh ;-).Btw,you do suck at being a slut. Sigh. I wish I was like that.Like, Seriously.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hattere

Ur telling me to stop being a prude?! Have you taken a good hard look at the mirror lately?! :p

Hahaha...yes, it will..especially on the date! N i can be very slutty...just with the right guy, ya know! :p

Anonymous said...

sorry but its fucking sad how you guys operate.and very embrassing that you have to blog about it.i felt like i was reading a story from some stupid teenage angst magazine from the 70's...imnot a rude person...but it just annoyed me sorry if i offended...but this is all about free speech and expression so we are all entitled to our views...

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

I'm pretty sure no one is forcing you to read my blog. And I'm also pretty sure there are a gazillion blogs out there more suited to your pseudo-intellect and tastes!

Spare my little corner please!

m4m said...

Awww, that will make Josh happy lol... but are you truely dating or in a relationship with Josh? I am confused. Because if you are dating, it's your freedom to "try" guys out haha...

Phunk Factor said...

@ m4m

It was a meet-up...nothing happened. I don't think Josh had any reason to be upset....after I had also never stopped him from meeting guys

Anonymous said...

god, I would do anything for an encounter with a Pathan!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

Well I'm glad the Pathans would be very happy to hear that! :)