Monday, June 6, 2011

The Boy Who You All Know As 'Josh'

I stood at the point where we decided to meet for the date. It was almost half way from both of our places so I thought it was perfect. My phone started to ring, it was Josh calling me.

"Where are you? I'm here!", he asked.

"I'm here too but I can't see you either. What does your car look like?", I asked. Before he even began telling me the description of his ride, I spotted him. "Never mind. I saw you. I'm coming!", I told him.

As he saw me coming towards the car, he stepped out of the car. "Planning to open my door like a true gentleman?", I asked with a wink as I extended my hand for a shake.

"Shut up!", he replied with a smile. "So take a seat and tell me where we need to go!", Josh said. "Do put on the seatbelt!", he advised. I liked him being careful. I guess the poor guy had really learned alot from the accident. "By the way, I know we have talked alot over phone and everything but I will be a little stiff for th first few minutes.", he warned.

"No worries!", I told him and directed him where to go. I had decided to take us bowling as it's been something I really wanted to do with a guy I genuinely liked. Josh fit that beautifully!

Even though he had warned me that we would be listening to Rihanna non-stop, it didn't happen. We were talking non-stop. I think it took me hardly 15 minutes to shake him loose. We were completely getting it on as we rolled into the bowling complex.

"So where are we going later?", I asked.

"Let's get done with this first!", he told me. "By the way, how good are you at bowling?", he asks me as we purchased tickets.

"I'm average. Not really good. You?", I asked.

"If I may say myself, I'm actually really good. My friends and I come here quite alot when we bunk classes." Josh told me with a smirk.

"Let's give each other's name and not use our original ones!", I suggested. "Let's see how mean you can be!" I won't disclose the names because they got extremely weird. And boy, did he pick a mean one. I hope nobody saw our screen. They would have either died laughing or from shock!

We had a very good time bowling, in fact we had such a good time that we bowled two sets. "Wasn't kicking my butt one time not enough for you?" I asked him.

"I really didn't think anyone could suck this bad. Also I didn't play to my total awesomeness because I was much distracted by your performance." he took another poke at me.

"No problem. I had the most amazing time looking at your ass!", I whispered. I'm so ashamed for having said that, that is something I usually don't say on a first date because it's so pathetic and desperate but as lame girls put it - my walls were breaking down fast!

But I don't think any harm was done. He laughed over it, and so we bowled another set. I tried harder this time round but no matter how hard I could play, I would not have been able to beat him. "So does this mean I have to pay for your part as well?", I asked.

"Nopes, but you can pay for gas if you so badly want to throw some money my way!", Josh replied as he reversed the car.

"There is just one thing I will ever throw money on!", I told him.


"Men on poles!". Crap! Not again!

We talked more this time round, I'm glad I had managed to shake him all loose and cool with me. This was definitely turning out to be a most awesome date EVER!

He drove to this lane that my family and I come to frequently for chaat. "My friends love this place. You can get almost anything you want to eat. Everything is just walking distance from the other and it is all so yummy. What would you like to eat?"

"I'm confused. I don't like having to pick!", I told him. I was honest about it. "Where do you usually eat from?", I asked him.

"Subway!", he told me.

"Then let's go to Subway!", I told him.

"Do you like Subway?", he asked me.

"I'm in more for the company. Food doesn't matter much to me!" I told him.

"Still do you eat at Subway?" he asked me.

"As long as they have something of chicken, I'll be fine!", I told him. "Let's park the car here if you don't mind and walk to Subway. It's not far!", I suggested. He didn't mind, so we parked it there and walked.

"Shall I hold your hand when we cross the road?", I asked with a wink.

"How badly do you want to hold my hand?", he asked me.

"I'm asking with genuine concern!", I told him.

"I bet you are!", he told me. Spotting the road empty he ran across and crossed the road. I followed!

"Why did the chicken cross the road?", he asked me.

"'Cuz the cock was on the other side of the road!", I told him. I really didn't mind now. If he is going to be in a relation with me, this is how I would be like. If he can't handle it, then I don't think it would be wise for us to proceed much. Yeah, I would tone down if he asks me to but a little mischief is what I do.

Subway was bland but company was great. I took little bites and saved most of it for my sister who has mad love for Subway. I can't quite remember exactly what we talked about at this moment as there was this couple of girls who kept staring at us and it was so disturbing. I told Josh about the girls, "Yeah, I get that alot!"

"Too bad you would never be interested in them!", I poked back innocently.

"You got a mouth, Mr. Phunk!", he tells me.

"And a brain!", I replied.

We left after Josh finished his sandwich. "You know we didn't have to come to Subway if you didn't like the food!", he told me.

"I enjoyed it!", I told him.

"I would have been fine anywhere else as well. So what should we have for dessert? Oh, are you a dessert person?", he asked me.

"Yeah, but it's super late. And you have an early class tomorrow!", I told him.

"How did you know that?", he asked surprise.

"I have an annoying habit of remembering little details like that!", I told him.

"No, it was actually really sweet!", he replied.

The drive home was spent toying with the radio and talking about gym routines. "You know your quite a flirt?!", he told me.

"I know!", I told him. "I can't help it!"

He laughed at that. "It's okay. I actually enjoyed it quite alot!", I took that as a positive sign and my flirt switch turned off automatically after that comment. I could not think of any witty come back or anything else for that matter.

"Where do you live?", he asked me.

"I thought I already told you!", I replied.

"No, I mean your exact address. It's super late, I can't drop you off where I picked you up from!", he told me.

"No, I will be fine. It's too much out of your way!", I told him. We argued for a while about it but in the end, I told him that I will not tell him so either he can drop me off where he picked me up from or take me home, and I promised that I will not be obedient. He dropped me off but waited till I boarded my ride home.

I think it went super well, especially since he mentioned that it was one of the best dates he has ever been on and that we text messaged each other back and forth the entire next day. I have a good feeling about this one, but nothing is in stone yet.

Wish me luck!  


simple girl..... said...

oh man .. that sounds nice.. good luck .. :)

Luciferz Angel said...

So happy for you :))

Andrea Almanza said...

Glad it was a great time Phunkie!

Haider Ali said...

I hope I go on great date like yours! :)

Sam August said...

omg omg omg!!! best of luck!! omg again :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl

It was awesome. Thanks!

@ Luciferz Angel

Thanks! :D

@ Andrea Almanza

It was da bomb, girl! ;)

@ Haider Ali

I hope u go too, man....seriously everybody should experience a date high like this one!

@ Sam August

Hahahah...some blondie bit u again! :p

Thanks, man!

DeepBlue said...

Sounds great! As we say here, the ice is broken. Good luck young man. And I agree with you: be transparent, don't hide your true personality: If he can't handle it, then... ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ DeepBlue

Thanks, Sir! :)

Omar Kaleem said...

OMG It was almost the perfect romantic filmy date! :P

Whimsical Hatter said...

Ok, I'm out of words to say something for your fans have already stated the obvious!
I remembering you saying that you need to insert 'flirt lines' but here your flirting is spot-on and Josh sounds super cute and nice and sweet --so lap him up good, boy!(fingers crossed for you guys!) .And your spectacular repartee( now, now, I'm not fawning.. I'm just jealous of that fact') makes my knees go weak.Seriously, are you 'factory-made'... I need one of your kind to have!:-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Omar Kaleem

It was romantic...but more than that it was fun! :)

@ Whimsical Hatter

Yeah...but when he commented on it I couldn't think of anything clever from there on! :(

Finally a glitch in my switch! :p


If i was...i'd send u one of my kind instantly as a gift fr no obvious reason!

The Vice Buddha said...

Yep!! definitely not me :P
I dont own no cars man!