Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Boy Who You All Know As 'Josh'

So before we 'split', Josh and I managed to get together for three dates. I was wondering would it be more appropriate for me to blog about them at GPY!!! or continuing on C&B is well enough since after all, it didn't materialize in anything. Sick of playing the argument in my head over and over again I decided to go ahead with C&B, so here I am.

Our second date happened exactly two days after my last exam. I did want to go out but with Josh's exams coming up soon and Ramadan were also starting. I did not want us to get stuck in traffic. It would have been a wastage of time for him. Also it would be worth mentioning that Josh moved during the month of July to my area. I didn't get to see Josh's new cribs but since it was in my area I am suspecting that we were alot closer geographically speaking. Josh didn't tell me the exact address so I guess I'll never really know. But Josh has seen my place.

I mention a particular pizza outlet that serves good but cheap pizza, and the service is pretty good as well. Totally soaked in skepticism Josh agreed. I made a point of explaining to him my choice.

"I had time to actually go to a nice place", he whispered back to me as we got into a corner booth.

"I really don't think it matters. I'm here for the company, the pizza can suck for all I care.", I replied.

"Bet you won't be saying that when your stomach is killing you tomorrow from indigestion. I really don't trust these kind of spin off places. The original have survived because they are good." he kept babbling on.

"And if you love it?", I asked.

"We shall see.", he replied back. Now that was a very Josh-ish reply. Never admitting that he could be wrong or that his opinion could be effected. Call me stupid but that stubbornness of his was a turn on for me. It's like some dysfunctional power play between the two of us.

We start talking about my exams. Josh keeps asking me about various facts. He thought MBBS was four years, not five. It was a revelation to him at that point when I cleared the fact to him of yours truly being in fourth year and not in third. "You should at least know this much. I know what course your doing, how many years does it take and in what year are you currently studying!", I shot at him.

"Possessive?", he zinged at me.

"Nopes." I tell him with a smile. "If I was, I would have gotten jealous by now by all the side way glances you keep shooting at that waiter!", probably with an even even bigger smile. I wonder how I would have managed that, I just tried pulling it off in a mirror and let me tell you, I looked awful.

Josh was surprised at my observation, and slightly ashamed. "It's okay. You may look but you may not touch!", I told him playfully. This was another of those 'Oh!' moment for me. I had realized during the date that I don't feel anything for him, which was going to happen once again later. He has better chances of becoming a very good friend rather than a boyfriend. So perfect on paper yet no spark!

When our pizza arrived, I put out a slice for Josh and told him he should take the first bite. I want him to try it out, and I watched him do that. Result - he liked it. He said it could use more dressings but he would come again if he's low on funds but would like a good pizza. I had a feeling he liked it more than he told me.

At one point during the date, my toes brushed his leg. Although by mistake, but I loved that fuzz on his legs. I really did! Something about fuzzy legs and slight fuzz on the butt turns me on like crazy. Twink bottoms are good but they can't compare in any way to the fuzz!

I wanted to graze my feet more, however we were in public and somebody would see. However luckily Josh wanted to graze as well and he didn't care about what anybody saw. We did alot under the table. The best part was probably when we both silently munched on the pizzas and tried to intertwine our toes and get them locked together.

At one point when Josh went to the restrooms, I called for the bills. Since it was a slow night at the place, it didn't take long for the waiter to come back with the bill. I managed to pay it off before Josh got back. "Shall we leave?", I asked him.

"Bill?", he asked rubbing his hands on his plaid shorts. He picked from my wicked smile that I had already paid it. "Awww, man. No fair!", he opined.

"Did it really make a difference?", I asked.

"Shut up. You know I don't like it when people pay for my food." he replied sounding clearly offended.

"You can treat me to a dessert if you want to, we didn't have any last time." I told him. He seemed to like that idea, but there were no shops near by so we had to walk some distance. Not that I minded, I love walking. But with his exams coming up in two weeks, I wanted him to get home soon and do something truly constructive.

Josh treated me to an ice-cream cone, the same that he was offering. "I would rather have another cone!", I told him with a wink.

"Shall I find us a dark spot?", he asked after he picked up on my hint. We walked back to our rides and talked some more. It was indeed a very good date, at least I thoroughly enjoyed. As we both got into our cars but before driving away, Josh looked at me in a manner that I won't ever forget nor would I ever come around to describing it. But I knew at this moment that the stupid cupid's arrow had hit the mark. I smiled back at him, but it was more of a pity smile at my reflection. 'There is a guy so completely perfect for you yet you don't feel anything for him."

It didn't take me long to arrive home, and while the date did go awesome I couldn't shake that feeling of heaviness from my inside. I decided to give it some more time, and then three days later we went out on our third date, which I will blog about later this month hopefully.


กาแฟสด Aorabika Coffee said...

Sawasdee ka *-*

I come to visit you blog naka


Phunk Factor said...

@ Lily

Ur welcome to anytime and as many time as u wish :)

krish patrick said...

very interesting blog!

keep writing
best regards, from malaysia :))

Phunk Factor said...

@ krish patrick

Thanks, man :)

m4m said...

Dang, you have a similar idea as my blog, except that you write thoroughly about guys that you met! ;-) I enjoy reading them!

Phunk Factor said...

@ m4m

I'll be checking urs out soon....and thankyou! :)

editor said...

'There is a guy so completely perfect for you yet you don't feel anything for him.'

Sigh... true for me too :(

Phunk Factor said...

@ Editor

Let's crack open a bottle(non-alcoholic ofcourse) and share our stories!

The Vice Buddha said...

I dunno if you'd understand this or not, but the moment i stumbled across ur blog, the first thing i read was 'The boy who you all know as JOSH' and I was like, "Wait a min...!! :O" (followed by a stumped look!

And then my eyes read all the words that it filtered in accordance with the streamline of thoughts in my mind... exam... pizza... stubbornness..

O boi! I was so sure you were talking about me!! :|

Sigh! And then I read that Josh thought med school was 4 years in toto. There, my boi, I lost you :P

Lol.. it made an interesting read.. specially for me :)


PS : I'd be obliged if you'd visit my blog sometime. lets see if you can find a character like you somwhere in there! ;)